Assembly Instructions

Please read and fully understand these directions before starting on your Flat-Pak window. A “dry-run” is advisable to start with, to ensure correct assembly. Assemble the window, install in position and then fit the glazing.

  1. Ensure you have a complete kit before you start.
  2. Lay the window components out on the ground in the positions they are going to be assembled. See diagram 1 for correct location of parts.
    NOTE: If exterior cill is applicable you must ensure the grooved timber is at the bottom to take timber tongue and cill.
  3. Assemble the main frame work only at this time.
  4. Apply glue sparingly to joints of the mortice and tenons.
  5. Tap the joints together, using a rubber hammer/mallet or a block of wood between hammer and frame assembly, to ensure a tight fit.
  6. Wipe off any glue that is squeezed from the joints by using a damp cloth.
  7. Screw the frame assembly together using a 3″ screws supplied.
  8. Measure from corner to opposite corner of the window frame assembly to ensure it is square correct as appropriate.
  9. Push rubber seals into groove on the main framework where opening  windows are going to be located.
  10. Install opening window assemblies by extending the friction stay hinges to their full opening position, then place into main framework tight against timber lip. Ensure that the “V” shape section of the friction stay in located frimly against the main frame assembly, failure to do this will cause the window to snag on the other opening vents. See diagrams 2,3 & 4.
  11. Screw friction stay assemblies to framework using the 1″ screws supplied.
  12. The next step is to fir the keeps, to do this place handle into open poisition See diagram 5 then close slowly to allow you to see which direction the locking mechanism moves, Example right/left, up/down, you then go back to open position, mark a line to the side that it moves allowing 3mm and screw in position making sure, the front of keep is flush with the front of the main framework. See diagram 6.
  13. Check that when you have installed the friction say assemblies that all windows open with a smooth action and do not touch each other, rectify if necessary.
  14. NOTE: Handle automatically locks when closed, to open push button to release.

instruction sheet 2